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Average iGaming Salaries in Malta

20 February, 2019 0 comment

The questions I get asked most by people who are looking to move to Malta are job related questions. Generally people want to know:

  • what jobs are there in Malta?
  • can I get a job in iGaming?
  • how much do iGaming jobs pay?

What Jobs are there in Malta?

In Malta there are jobs in all industries but iGaming, finance and tourism are probably the most prevalent with iGaming and IT probably being the best paid.

You’ll find a lot of service or tourism-focused jobs such as restaurant staff, hotel staff and bar staff but for the most part, especially for entry-level roles, they will be quite low paid, sometimes as low as the minimum wage (€4.50 per hour).

Can I get a job in iGaming?

This question really varies case to case. You can’t just guarantee to turn up here and get a job in iGaming. Like any industry it depends on your background and experience.

There are ‘entry-level’ positions that might not require previous iGaming experience, such as Customer Service roles but then it depends on what languages you speak. Some languages are more sought after than others and some companies are more serious than others about the quality of the language skills.

If you have employment history then you may have some skills that can be translated into gaming. Things like account management, finance positions and HR. If not, you can start in a customer service role and work your way up. The good part of a customer service role is that you deal with all aspects of the business and face all kinds of questions so you’ll soon learn a little bit about everything and can then see where your skills and passion lie.

Average Salary in Malta

As I mentioned, the minimum wage is very low for Europe but jobs in iGaming tend to be a lot better paid. Salary will depend on a lot of factors, like anywhere, such as your experience, your talent and passion and the company you end up choosing.

An awesome source of averages is Pentasia’s 2018 iGaming Business Salary report that covers most sectors of iGaming, at most levels, across Malta and the UK. The figures for Team Lead and Department Head positions look a little high from my personal experience (boo!) in certain areas, so don’t expect all companies to offer these kinds of salaries, but it at least gives you a benchmark and something reasonable to aim for.

Sales and Account Management Salaries in Malta

According to the report, you can potentially achieve the following average yearly salaries:

  • Account Manager / Sales Executive: €23.3k
  • Team Lead: €46.3k
  • Head/Manager: €83.3k

Customer Service Salaries in Malta

  • Agent: €17.4k
  • Team Lead: €38.2k
  • Head/Manager: €60.3k

Design + Tech Salaries in Malta

  • Designer: €26.7k
  • Team Lead: €48.4k
  • Head/Manager: €88.4k

Best Paid Positions in Malta

According to the survey, the best paid starting positions are those in:

  1. Analytics + Data (€28k)
  2. Product (€27.6k)
  3. Design + Tech (€26.7k)

The best paid Team Leader positions are those in the same fields:

  1. Product (€50.1k)
  2. Design + Tech (€48.4k)
  3. Analytics + Data (€48.4k)

The best Department Head or Manager positions are those in:

  1. Finance + Operations (€98.6k)
  2. Legal + Compliance (€88.8k)
  3. Design + Tech (€88.4k)
  4. Marketing (€86.2k)

This indicates to me that, as expected, to get the big bucks, you really need to dive into roles that require work. Analytics + Data, Design + Tech: these roles require proper qualifications, skill and a passion for the small details. To make it far in Legal + Compliance, and Finance + Operations, where the real top level money is, then be prepared for years of studying and working your way up.

More than Just the Money

But don’t make your decisions based solely on money. Think about yourself and your life and what makes you happy. If you love people you can still make great money as an account manager. If you love the chase, you can make a great salary (and bonus!) in sales. If you want every day to be different, never dull, always changing, then head into customer support.

In the end, you’ll be spending 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at work, at least. So make it something you love, somewhere you’re happy, with people you enjoy being around.

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