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Sunrise and Sunset in Malta

Sunsets in Malta

If there is one thing Malta does better than almost anywhere else, it’s sunsets. The sunset in Malta is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. From most points of the island you can watch an incredible sunset, whether you watch the sunset in Sliema, where the Valletta skyline turns pink, orange, then grey, or you head on up to Dingli Cliffs or Golden Bay to watch the sunset directly into the sea.

Sunsets in Malta tend to be very intense, the sky will be doused in deep, bright, heart wrenching colours. Depending on the time and your location and the amount of cloud coverage, you’ll see the sky light up in deep, burnt oranges, or even indescribable hot pinks. The skies are often completely clear in Malta, making sunsets across the island a thing of wonder, but the odd cloud never hurts and actually increases the visual impact in my opinion.

Sunset Spots in Malta

Similarly to the sunrise, I love to watch the sunset in Malta near to the sea. There are places around the island where you can watch a super intense sunset away from the sea, but my personal favourite spots are watching the sunset at Golden Bay and watching the sunset in Malta at Dingli Cliffs.

La Belle Musique Cafe Del Mar Sunset

The sunset in Malta happens surprisingly early, whatever time of the year. In the winter, it happens before most of us leave work and even in the summer it generally happens before 21:00 so there aren’t super long, bright evenings as you often find in summer around the world. This is because the sun rises so early in the morning, that it gets tired early and pops back down into the sea. Whether you live in Malta or are here for a visit, I’d absolutely recommend making sure to watch the sunrise or sunset as often as you can and take a camera with you as it’ll be a view that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life.

Sunrises in Malta

Malta is not only a famous place for sunsets, but their sunrises are out of this world too. It’s a tiny island so it’s just as easy to watch the sunrise straight from the sea, as it is to see the sun slowly dip into it at the end of the day. Depending on the time of year, the sunrise can be incredibly early, or a little later.

Sunrise Spots in Malta

The sunrise in Malta can be watched from the sea in a number of places between St Julians and Gzira. depending on where you are along the coast you can get an incredible view of the golden orb rising up out of the sea. For so early in the morning, such a delicate time I always feel, you’d be surprised at just how intense the colours can be.

My favourite place to watch the sunrise in Malta (when I can get up early enough!) is in Sliema, along the coat near Surfside. Sunrises in Sliema are simply breathtaking. I tend to go with the intention of exercising, doing a little power walking but end up spending my time standing still, staring in awe at the day beginning. To say the sunrise in Sliema, Malta is breathtaking, would be a pale understatement.

The sunrise is such a beautiful time of day, so calm but so vibrant and in Malta, it’s even more so than many places. The sunrise in Malta is something you will not want to miss, so wherever you are staying on the island, be sure to wake up early at least once to enjoy the sunrise in Malta. Find the best sunrise spot, whether that be to watch the sunrise from the sea, behind some trees, or else just a great spot to watch the sky change colour!


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