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Greenery and Nature in Malta

Time and time again I hear people who have visited or even live in Malta, complaining that there is no greenery or nature. Whilst there aren’t miles and miles of forest or acres of green fields in Malta, as in other countries, there is still plenty of nature and greenery to be enjoyed, so long as you get off your ass and look for it. Malta is filled with beautiful gardens, small but pretty forests and vast areas of lush cliff faces.

Gardens and Parks in Malta

In fact, every year since I moved here in 2010, I’ve seen improvements from the Government wanting to add more colour and beauty to the island, whether it’s simply a pretty new park like in Qui-si-Sana or the Independence Gardens in Sliema, or a beautifully manicured roundabout, filled with flowers, every little helps.

Due to the incredibly hot summers in Malta, most of the greenery get scorched so it can be hard to find as much lushness in the summer months, however the copious gardens and parks are all very well kept and watered so even if the beaches and cliffs aren’t quite so green, places like Buskett Gardens or San Anton Gardens still will be.

Hiking and Nature Rambles in Malta

There are a whole host of enthralling hikes and rambles you can go on around the island, filled with plants, bushes, trees, flowers and all kinds of animals and wildlife. Sanap Cliffs in Gozo has a welcoming white paved pathway showing you the best route around the top in order to get views you’ll never forget of the white cliff face, the greenery and the sun glistening off the water. Dingli Cliffs is not just one of the best places to watch the sunset on the island, but it’s also surrounded by quiet countryside.

If you’re a serious hiker, then the Victoria Lines (also known as the Great Wall of Malta) is the place for you. This 12km historical wall was built as a defensive barrier, which later proved to be useless, however now it sets the way for a long walk across the island. There will be sea, there will be ancient ruins and there will be greenery and nature galore.

You probably don’t know this if you live in Sliema or St Julians but nearby Pembroke is filled with stunning nature and greenery. It’s a cultivated area that has been recently done up with the natural growing plants being tidied up and sign posted with a pretty little pathway taking you around the nicest parts. There are even info points and plaques to give you more information on this green spot between the greyness of St Julians and Sweiqi.

Gems of the Island

One of the best kept secrets in Malta is the Msida Bastion Historic Garden, which we only found through pure chance. It’s a tiny little area stuffed full with wildlife, views and a garden fit for royalty. Another lesser known place of outstanding natural beauty is the sinkhole in Qrendi, Malta Most of the locals I’ve spoken to don’t even know about this magical spot. It’s a huge depression in the ground that sank around 1343 and has developed an incredible eco system, which is actually home to native and rare plants and trees.

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