Malta: Moving On, Up & Away

Snow in Malta 2017

Is there going to be snow in Malta this January 2017? This January is exceptionally cold, and whilst the actual temperatures might not be slipping below 10 degrees, the real feel is likely to be much, much colder, maybe even hitting zero. Humidity is high in Malta which makes the summers feel hotter and the winters feel colder, but to actually experience snow is rare. In the past 200 years, snow in Malta has only been officially recorded by the Met Office 3 or 4 times, with the most recent being 1962.

Snow in Malta this Weekend

To create a bit of excitement many news and weather forums are claiming that the low temperatures forecast for the weekend are bound to bring snow to the island, but they also claimed it was snowing on New Years Day two years ago when, in fact, we were just being pummelled by hailstones. Personally, I am not convinced. Yes, it’s cold, but it’s unlikely to fall below zero, even if it feels freezing. A cold front blowing in from Russia doesn’t sound great though and whether it snows in Malta this weekend or not, I think we can agree that we’re all going to be bloody freezing.


Prepare for Snow in Malta

I’ll be preparing myself for the snow in Malta by refusing to get out of my snuggly pyjamas, wearing at least 3 pairs of socks and spending the entire weekend in bed with hot tea and, most likely, a hot water bottle. So even if the snow doesn’t actually fall, I’ll still be warm and snuggly.

Chaos in Malta

A lot of my Maltese friends have never seen or experienced snow and each year when it gets a bit chilly the excitement is palpable, but I am somewhat of a snow grinch,¬†always hoping we remain free of snow for another year. I’m also achingly familiar with Malta’s inability to cope with the rain fall (that we get every year without fail) so dread to think of the chaos an actual snowstorm would bring; roads closed, planes grounded and a very grumpy Rhi attempting to keep warm.

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