Malta: Moving On, Up & Away

Quick Guides

This website started off as a personal blog and kind of accidentally became a treasure trove of information so until now the tips and info have been a bit splattered across posts as I just wrote things as I learned them. Right now I’m working hard on creating a bunch of definitive guides for you, so this section of Quick Guides to Life in Malta is very much in development and being added to constantly.

So far I’ve got dedicated guides on the below topics, however there is so much more info on the site, so please use the search box in the right hand side bar to double check if your question has been answered already. I’ve split my Quick Guides to Life in Malta into handy categories so hopefully you can easily find the assistance and advice you need.

Guides to Getting Started in Malta

So before you even move here there are some things that you can start looking into. Find my complete collection of ‘Getting Started in Malta” guides to make your move as easy as possible.

General Life in Malta

Malta is not like any other country I’ve ever visited and I found myself experiencing quite a bit of culture shock. Prepare yourself for day to day life in Malta with my quick guides to General Life in Malta.

Working in Malta

Whether you’re working in Malta or looking for a job in Malta, maybe you could do with some tips. I’ve been here for 5 years and have been through the job hunting, interview, hiring and getting started process a few times so have plenty of advice!

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