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Writing isn’t coming so easily these days, especially for reviews and informative posts (which is really what most of my traffic comes here for, haha!) but I spoke with a few of you on Facebook and seems like you’re pretty keen on the more personal, rambling┬áposts too (better than nothing, right?) so here goes.

My expat breakup post was so well received and support came literally flooding in. I can never really describe how much it means to me that strangers around the world actually read what I write and actually care about me and what I’m going through. I’ve always thought that humans are the worst, but this has made me realise that people are inherently good and there is so much love in the world to be enjoyed. You guys rock and I love you.

Summer has been a bit disappointing (weather wise) in Malta so far in 2016. It’s mid-June and it’s barely hitting 30 degrees and last night it even RAINED in Malta in June! Luckily though, it was preceded by the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. I hope to do a full post on it soon but here’s a little teaser to please ya.


A couple that I’ve known pretty much my whole time in Malta got married recently which was all kinds of awesome. They are two of my best friends and it was the most perfect and beautiful day. Elaine looked radiant and Andreas looked perfect next to her. They are the best kind of people and arranged the best time for all us guests. Of course I got a telling off from the priest as I did not know that shoulders were made by the devil and must be covered at all times, but apart from being berated by a man that lives his life believing in a story book, everything was amazing. The reception was held at Villa Bologna, which is a breathtaking setting and one I’d definitely recommend for any big events.


I have a new favourite breakfast spot in St Julians, Naar RestoBar in Balluta. I’ve heard from a few people that their general lunch/dinner food is not that good, but I’ve had breakfast there a few times now and have loved it every time. The service is very friendly and welcoming, the setting is nice (with the sea and Neptunes pool in the background) and the breakfast menu is perfect with lots of light and more filling options.


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