Malta: Moving On, Up & Away

Getting Started

When it comes to moving to Malta there are some steps that everyone will need to go through, whatever walk of life you come from or are coming into.

Getting Around the Island

Everyone will need to know about public transport in Malta. It’s not as simple as you might think. It’s a tiny island so we don’t have a Metro/Underground/Subway and we don’t have a railway either. Your choices in Malta are taxi or bus and even then there are things you need to know as getting a bus in Malta is probably not quite like anything you’ve ever experienced before and there are a few things you need to know before getting in taxis too.

Renting in Malta

You’ll also need to know how to go about renting a place to live once you move here. This can be daunting and varies from country to country, so to find out exactly how it works in Malta, check out my quick guide on renting in Malta. It gives you a clear and easy to follow breakdown of what to expect and what steps to follow. It also includes tips for making the renting process as easy as possible, what costs to expect as well as a few things to be wary of.

Healthcare in Malta

If you’re planning on staying in Malta for any real length of time then you’ll want to know how the healthcare system works. There is a free healthcare system available for residents, so you’ll want to find out if you’re eligible and what you can expect. As well as the free public healthcare, there are private options available which range from a simple €10 appointment with a GP or a more comprehensive plan which will cover you for things like operations and treatments.

Opening a Bank Account

If you’re going to be living and working, it’s best to open a bank account in Malta. This is essential for making sure you get paid, so find out how to go about it and which banks I recommend (I’ve tried a few in my time!). You’ll want to consider things like internet banking and credit cards as you’d be surprised how different these things can be in Malta!

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