Malta: Moving On, Up & Away

General Life in Malta

There are plenty of things to know about Malta, things I never though to look into and things maybe you’ve not thought about either.

Weather in Malta

You might think you know what to expect when it comes to the weather in Malta, but reading an expats view for a real insight can be super helpful. When you read that Malta has ‘long, hot summers’ it doesn’t quite describe just how hot or just what a long, sticky few months you’re in for! Also, ‘mild winters’ can be a little misleading, so make sure you check out my guide to the weather in Malta to make sure you’re fully prepared.

Girl Things

Tampons? Morning After Pill? Availability of skincare and beauty products? These are things I never even thought about researching before moving to Malta, and I was in for quite a shock. Make sure you’re more prepared than I was by reading my guide to ‘Girlie Things I Wish I’d Known‘!

Shopping in Malta

Selection of Shops + Online

Malta is a tiny island and the selection of shopping here reflects that. There is very little to choose from and the only real shopping mall we have is tiny and can be done in around 10 minutes. You’ll want to know what shops are available here and of course, which will ship to Malta in my Shopping in Malta guide.

Gift Buying

I always find I need help when it comes to gift ideas, so I did research, did a lot of shopping and created an entire guide full of gift ideas in Malta! So whether you’re looking for Christmas presents, birthday gifts or just a little something special for your friends here or family back home, check out my guide for some helpful tips and ideas.

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